What is @HomeVet

@HomeVet offers a home veterinarian service that provides many advantages for both the pet and the pet owner. The costs are comparable to an office visit, including:

  • Less stress for the pet and the pet owner. Car rides may be very stressful for many pets, especially cats. Also, many pets become fearful and stressed upon entering a veterinary hospital. @HomeVet can also be less stressful for the owner. We eliminate the problems of loading pets into carriers and cars, driving them to the clinic, waiting to see a vet and driving home. That means less wasted time for you.
  • One on one attention with the vet. Most veterinary hospitals schedule appointments every 15 minutes. Our appointments will run 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the situation. We want to take the time to thoroughly evaluate your pet in his or her environment, as well as answer all of the pet owner questions
  • All pets in the household may be seen in one visit. This is very helpful for multi-pet household
  • Less exposure to contagious diseases and external parasites like fleas. This is especially important

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Our Services

@HomeVet Services

Physicial Pet Examination

Pet Visit at Home that includes a general visit of the pet and a consultation with the veterinarian

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We provide Canine and Feline Vaccination

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Lab Tests

Our Vet visits your Pet at Home and get blood for any Lab Test you could need

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